A facial is a treatment not merely a means to luxurious pampering and relaxation, it can also offer a host of benefits for your skin. Deep cleansing of the skin, hydration and relieving of acne causing stress are just a few of the outcomes of a facial if done by an expert after a thorough consultation of your skin. Toxins caused by pollution, grime and dirt are removed from deep within and overproduction of sebum, which causes skin problems like blackheads and pimples is also addressed. Circulation of blood to facial skin is improved which gives your skin a healthy glow. Cells are plumped up with water and vital nutrients which reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and develop new cells thus promoting a youthful appearance. Facial technology can also remove dead cells on the skin surface and increase production of collagen to add anti-ageing qualities.

The emotional advantages of facials are multiple.The relaxing sensations caused by the soothing massage strokes not only nourish and calm your skin, but also encourage contentment and peace of mind. Its always a good idea to reach the salon 15 minutes in advance for your appointment so you have time to wind down before the session starts.

Facials or Clean ups are services that can be taken regularly, once every 3 to 4 weeks. Facials come with a variety of ingredients all specifically targeting specific problems in the skin. Black mud, fruit acids, vitamins, enzymes, gold, anti-oxidants, etc are just a few of the special ingredients found in our facials. There is a facial for every skin type - be it oily, normal, dry, mature, combination or acne prone. A facial at Shine Line leaves you with skin so soft and supple you will want to touch it again and again!